Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tata's Jaguar Land Rover to Invest $2 Billion in U.K.

Tata's Jaguar Land Rover to Invest $2 Billion in U.K.

JLR Says Investment Will Create 1,700 Jobs

            Jaguar Land Rover plans to invest $1.99 billion in new technology to make future models at its plant in Central England. JLR hope that the new production of a new midsize premium Jaguar sedan featuring the latest in lightweight aluminum technology will create 1,700 new jobs in 2015. So it will provide employment opportunities in England. Moreover, JLR drives their business with new design, technology and innovation.

            The investment of Tata and in particular German auto makers in new technology and production lines is rising in the premium market and also increasing the bar for rivals, from U.S., Japanese and Europe mass-market auto makers to Chinese new comers. The Jaguar sedan will compete with cars such as the BMW 3 series and 5 series, as well as the C and E Class models of Mercedes-Benz, all of which sell well in China and other emerging markets as well as North America.


            Since Tata, Japanese auto maker and BMW have heavily invested in UK in recently year. These are a sign of the robust health of the automotive sector and its supply chain in UK.  Furthermore, Tata plans to expand brands under Jaguar and Land Rover as well as expand their geographic reach. For the past three years, JLR created 11,000 new jobs by the latest investment.


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