Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spotify Extends Reach in Asia With Taiwan Rollout

Grundberg, in his article “Spotify Extends Reach in Asia with Taiwan Rollout”, talks about the efforts of Spotify AB, a Stockholm-based company, in spreading its streaming-music service in Asia. It has presented its services to Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, and Argentina. Japan is one of the largest streaming-music markets, and Spotify’s services are soon to begin there too. Spotify lets users use its services on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops too, for very minimal charges per month. The company is already offering its services to developed countries like USA and UK. It is now working in Latin American and Asian countries too. The company has many rivals and competitors as well. Youtube, SASU, Rdio Inc., and Pandora Media Inc. are some of them. Apple Inc. AAPL -0.31% has introduced its iTunes Radio service for its users of iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. These are some of the competitors of Spotify. The company’s expansion is, however, proving to be very costly. Its holding company has seen great financial losses in previous years. The licensing fees are too high, which weigh very heavily on the company’s budget. New deals, with new license holders in new countries, are proving to be very costly for the company. 

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