Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samsung smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch
Samsung just released its new product-Galaxy Gear, which is a smartwatch to the public on Wednesday. Recently, tons of stories for smartwatch come out like Apple smartwatch. However, Galaxy Gear is going to be sold at Sep 25th. Samsung has walked ahead of any other manufactures.
Since this is a totally new product, Samsung targets younger and tech-savvy early adopters as their main customers.  I think this is a very brilliant marketing behavior.
 If we see the image of Galaxy Gear, I would say it is not as good looking as its smartphone. However, girls and businessmen are not their target customers. I do believe that it is almost impossible to create another miracle like iPhone did several years ago that made everyone fall in love with that product. As a result, it would be a good business activity that targets the customers and occupies a certain share of the market in the first step, then expend to more customers.
Samsung keeps taking the largest market share of smartphone for many years. However, it always keeps in mind that creative should be the strongest competitiveness. Galaxy Gear will be more than 6 months ahead of Apple’s smartwatch, which provides Samsung superiority against Apple Inc.   

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  1. My husband has something like this. He is a techie-gadget, nerdy kind of guy. Looks nice on a man and he can get his text messsages on it which is pretty cool. Not blingy enough for me! I think this is the equivalent of the 1980's calculator watch! Yes, my husband had one of those too. :)