Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mexico's Battle Against Soda

Mexico has began a battle against sodas,claiming that it accounts for much of the Obesity and diabetes in the country. Mexico's obesity and diabetes ratios per capita have almost surpassed that of the United States (currently in first place). The main target or compnay to blame apparently is Coca-Cola.
The government has began an advertising campaign showing a soda bottle accompanied with 12 table spoons of sugar. It is trying to make people aware of what soda can do to a person. Another advertising campaign shows a blind man, and another, a man without limbs stating the connection of soda and diabetes.
Apparently, having soda (in particular coke), is of high prestige in the Mexican society. It seems as if if has become part of their culture. The governmet plans not just to create awareness, but also to impose a 26% tax on Coca Cola. The tarriff revenues are supposed to go towards building water fountains.
While the campaign on behalf of the governmet might seem beneficial for society as a whole, I find that they are being unfair by blaming Coke specifically. Jarrito's, Mexico's domestic soda was exluded from this 26% tariff proposal. While I find that education and awareness are needed, if the whole campaign and tariffs are solely directed towards Coca-Cola, consumers will shift to using Jarritos, Sprite, or another subsitute.


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  1. 26% tariff?!?!? I think that is insane.. and they will build water fountains with those revenues? I thought you were not supposed to drink the water.. I am curious what other public health campaigns are going on in Mexico. Stop picking on Coke and let people eat & drink what they want.