Friday, September 20, 2013

Hong Kong's MTR Rides toward Expansion

           The image above is one of the Chief Executive of MTR Company, Jay Walder. The corporation is a world leading rail operator with its operations in Europe and Asia and Australia. The company also eyes to introduce subways to the continents’ large cities. The above photo shows the new subway train in Hong Kong's MTR. MTR prides its new subway innovation for its efficiency rated at 99.9% punctuality.

             Mr. Walder worked in Metropolitan Transport Authority, a company that operates New York's transport system before joining MTR. Walder views the recruitment into Hong Kong's MTR as a special chance. Compared to his former salary at the MTA, his salary has raised four times to an estimated US $ 1.56 million inclusive of bonus in his first year as the CEO.

          MTR stands out from other metro operators in the sense that most of these operators rarely expand their subway system beyond borders. In addition, the corporation operates independent of the government, with its revenue coming from developing land above its subways. This leads to an indirect subsidy for the government. The efficiency of MTR's operations has been felt by improvement of punctuality in London and Melbourne.

            My main interest of this topic is the success MTR has seen in the subway industry and how it has managed to cut across borders. This prompts me to question what marketing strategies have been adapted and how this can benefit other sectors. The company has been able to give its customers what they most covet; timely service and this must be one of the reasons for its success. This are some of the points that make MTR grow its business and to be ranked 10th in the world's subways. Internationally, the subway industry has led to uniting of the various economies as it cuts across continents with its service.

Link: Published: Sept 17th 2013 1.00pm E.T

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