Friday, September 6, 2013

Facebook and Google Try Self Help

 The article is talking about Google and Facebook buy so much tech equipment that it makes sense for them to design their own. This enables them to save money and run their websites more efficiently. Google's project concerns chips. It may make it own servers, but these come packed with expensive processors based on x86 technology from Intel. Google will be able to use this to design chips for servers, storage and networking gear, thereby potentially reducing its dependence on Intel. Facebook's latest project is in network switches. The social network Wants to be able to customize them to its needs, but that isn't possible with "black box" switches off the shelf, says Facebook Vice President Frank Frankovsky.
In response, Intel is releasing cheaper, more energy-efficient server chips of its own. That both Intel and Cisco are responding to these nascent threats testifies to the disruptive impact they could have.

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