Friday, September 27, 2013

Emirates Airline, Boeing Still In Talks Over Jet Order

Emirates Airlines has been faced with an offer from Boeing for the new 777-9X jet that it has been eyeing. The new 777-9X jet is larger than both models that Emirates Airlines carries now, fitting up to 400 passengers. However, the airlines president Tim Clark made a statement about the high prices that Boeing stands behind so pompously. The new 777-9X would be a good replacement for some or even all of the current 777 models that they own. The problem faced between the two companies deal is Boeing’s inability to give Emirates the full approval, meaning that Boeing will still have the rights reserved to change specifications of the planes until it the changes meet the directors approval. Other spokesman says that the business deal is “maturing”. However, after Boeing changed the release date of the 777-9X from 2018 to 2020, this tipped of the airline company. Despite the disputes Clark remains excited about the new jet stating “its going to be one of the best machines flying”. 

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