Friday, September 13, 2013

Chinese People and New Iphone's Prices

   Apple is introducing its new I phone 5C. People believe the “C” stands for China as Apple is trying to make its I phones more affordable. However, this new 5C is estimated to be considered costly for most Chinese. It currently costs 3000 yuan but most Chinese are able to only spend between 1000 – 1500 yuan. Apple not only has to compete with other international brands but also Chinese domestic manufacturers that are able to manufacture phones within an affordable price range for most Chinese. Furthermore, this move can potentially damage I phone’s brand image of producing high-end phones.


  1. Apple has so much cash in the bank and such high profit margins, I don't really think they need China to stay sucessful.

  2. In the past apple's policy and image is high price, high quality. No one can predict what will apple get from this step ( cheap device).