Friday, September 13, 2013

China Underwhelmed After First Apple Event

China Underwhelmed After First Apple Event

As Apple's biggest oversea market, China is getting more and more attention by Apple Inc. In the past versions of iPhone, the products delayed to go into Chinese market for almost 6 months. However, the first apple event has already been held in China last week about iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s, Analysis said the reason why this time is more quickly is Apple caring about the issues that Chinese consumers buy the products from other markets. Actually there are already a large number of people that ask their friend to take iPhone 5c or
 5s from Hong Kong, which has lower tariff than Chinese mainland market. 

On the other hand, the reaction of Chinese market is not as strong as it used to be. There are even several mocks about it. Someone laughs at the golden color is specialized design for Chinese rich and trashy. Others said the fingerprint security is designed for keep the secret away from wives. Above all, Apple Inc has not paid attention on Chinese market as much as on others. Chinese customers love its fashion design, advanced technology and so much apps, meanwhile they also care about the price. 4500 Chinese yuan is much more than the average monthly salary in China. For a simple Chinese youth, they cannot afford one iPhone each year, not to mention more choices on color or a little promotion on system performance. 

Last year, the quality problem of iPhone happened frequently last year in China. Some Chinese people complained that the materials used to produce Chinese iPhone were totally different from other market's. No matter it is true or not, it is a really bad influence on Apple's influence in China. As we know, Samsung has already taken the largest share of smartphone market for a long time and the smartwatch will be sold at the end of September. Microsoft has purchased Nokia's cellphone business, Main competitors are all hunger to Chinese market. I think Apple Inc suppose to concentrate more to the big cake.

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