Monday, September 23, 2013

Carnival Cruise Line has Asia in it's Sights

Whoever said "No publicity is bad publicity,"  clearly did not have Carnival in mind.  The cruise line has had 2 high profile incidents in the past few years- the tragic accident with the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy and the engine fire aboard the Triumph in February that left 4,000 passengers stranded with no power or running water. According to passenger numbers, the negative publicity did not last long.  People still want to cruise.  Carnival is the world's largest cruise line.  They have a new CEO and have their sights set on Asia which is currently a small market. Only 8% of all cruises take place in Asia. In comparison, 70% of world-wide cruise passengers are from the United States and Canada alone.  The cruise industry is a growing market in Asia and it is estimated that cruise bookings in the region could increase sevenfold by 2020.  The region is perfect for cruising because of the year round calm seas.

Link to WSJ Article: Choppy Seas, Clear Horizon for Carnival

Additional Source - The Raw Story 4/9/13
Additional Source: The Washington Times 4/9/13

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