Friday, September 27, 2013

BlackBerry Makes Risky Bet on Services

Marketing strategies are indeed imperative for the survival of any business entity. This is because through the strategies, the company is able to get the best formulae of penetrating a given industry. This paper aims at giving an analysis of the Blackberry phone company. It will also seek to delve into the pursuits of its main competitors in the telephony industry.
            According to the article, Blackberry had cut a niche for itself in the industry. This was attributive to the authenticity of its Operating System known as “Blackberry OS”. Due to this fact, the phone was appealing to the up market clientele. This is because they believed in the safety of whatever they saved in their phones. They were never worried about certain aspects about the phone.
            Business executives embraced the phone because they trusted its security setting. However, competition came in through Apple and Samsung through their diverse marketing moves. Android Operating system has proved to be a significant challenge to the Blackberry version. Samsung and Apple have been able to cut through the completion through well thought strategies.
            Recently, blackberry launched a high end Smartphone called Blackberry Z10. This move is deliberate by the company. There is a belief that with the launching of the Smartphone by the company, it will give it an almost even competitive edge over its main competitors.  However, marketing analysts are quite skeptical about the move. Some think it is already too little too late.
            Blackberry is now paying the price of being selective in the market. This is because certain cadres in the society were not able to access the phones because of their cost. Cost strategies have always worked to their own undoing.

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