Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to Work: Greece Deletes Computer Leave

Greece has decided to move past the “Era of crises” by abolishing extra perks given by the government to working citizens. This step is symbolized as a form of modernizing public administration, by changing laws that had been set in 1989. By cutting back on the six extra pay days given to workers who work with computers for more than five hours a day. The people who had received these bonuses were basically staff working in public ministries and public services. “It was said that workers needed at least a 15-minute break every two hours” according to the European regulation. The government has also decided to cut back on pensions given to unmarried girls who have lost their fathers. Another 25,000 public workers are also to be placed in “mobility”, meaning that they would be under the process to have reduced pay until they await a job transfer otherwise they will be dismissed if no other job is found.  Also teachers are to be working for longer hours. The government is trying to fulfill the second bailout by reducing jobs, shrinking wages, and raising taxes, it will also cut back on boosts given to working citizens. Inspectors will be making sure of Greece’s performance in applying the second bailout. The public sector Adedy, has stated that it would fight these decisions in court. The Union has also declared to discuss additional steps in resolving the issues with this program soon.

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