Friday, September 6, 2013

Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches

Apple is testing iPhone screens as large as 6 inches! That is 1/2 a foot, people! I am getting old and do not really keep up with the world of cell phones. I get my husbands "hand-me-down" phones. When he passed his iPhone 5 down to me a few months ago, I thought it was huge- and it's only a 4 inch screen. I thought the goal was to get the phones as small as possible but the trend seems to be going the other way but, like I said, I do not really keep up with the latest phones and gadgets. The title of this article "Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches" in the Sept 5, 2013 edition of, immediately made me think of a parody I saw making fun of the large iPhone 5. Check it out on YouTube. It is about 2 minutes and really funny.

But I digress, back to the article. Apple is competing with Korean rival Samsung whose smartphones are enjoying wild popularity and are so big they are like phone-tablet hybrids! Unlike Apple, Samsung has released a variety of phones in different sizes and various price points which makes their products more accesible to a larger consumer base. On the other hand, without a subsidy from a cell phone carrier, Apple's latest phone is a whopping $650! Apple's sales fell in the second quarter whereas Samsungs is rising. Their range of smartphones start at $100 and are offered in China, India and Indonesia. To compete, Apple is working on a phone with a larger screen, as well as, a more affordable version.  This will be a challenge for Apple as their business model has been to produce fewer products at a higher quality. According to Apple, consumers in emerging markets are responding positively to the iPhone 4, it's least expensive smart phone.  In India for example, there are trade in programs which have led to growth upwards of 400% in the third quarter.  This is good news for Apple but they still can  not touch Samsung's ability to quickly bring products to market.  Samsung enjoys this competitive advantage because the South Korean company controls the entire manufacturing process, makes it's own components and owns it's own factories.

Interestingly, Apple has a history of altering it's devices a few years after launch though they have been slow to do so with the iPhone.  That is clearly changing.

Bigger is not always better.  I hope we are not talking on devices as big as our tablets in a few years!

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