Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Debut Weekend

Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Debut Weekend

Sales of its new iPhone 5s and 5c models have surpassed other iPhone releases and exceeded initial supply, Apple says. The company says it has sold 9 million of the phones since their launch on Friday and that "many online orders" will ship in coming weeks.

As Apple notes, the phones went on sale Friday in the United States as well as in many parts of Europe and Asia, including China. That was a departure from previous releases, in which American consumers were able to buy their smartphones weeks or even months ahead of the international market.

Therefore, I am not surprised!!! These iPhone are the sixth iteration of the iPhone and come in two models. Also, there is a lot of innovation that has occurred this time. Thinks about it. 1) The IOS 7 Operating System is a complete changeover - the biggest change in the past seven years, 2) There are two different models - the Flagship iPhone 5S and the slightly lower priced iPhone 5C - in fashion colors that appeal to a different market segment, 3) China is now buying iPhones. Most importantly, I will say without equivocation as a loyal iPhone user for four years- I think these devices have no equal. They operate beautifully and intuitively, There is an incredible App Store with over 800,000 Apps. Walter Mossberg, the Tech. Guru of the Wall Street Journal tested the iPhone 5S and declared it to be "the best smartphone on the market." I concur wholeheartedly. So, it seems to me predictable that sales of a great product should have risen. The Apple brand stands for quality. 
Many people - in fact over 300,000,000 iPhone users understand this. I am on of them.

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