Friday, September 13, 2013

Alibaba Goes Mobile

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce stores in the world. It specializes in wholesale transactions from small businesses, yet it also has a website for retail sales. Its main target audience is the Chinese market despite the fact that there are over 240 countries that participate in the website.
The article tries to lay out the challenge that Alibaba is currently facing. The world is more and more going mobile and the company feels that it needs to adapt in order to continue its presence in the marketplace. In particular it seems that the Chinese are using mobile phones much more than PC's. Just this year, with the introduction of the Iphone 5C among others, smartphone imports are expected to double from that of last year.
It is not just the middle class that is benefitting from the smartphone use. Extremely cheap smartphones are being introduced in rural and poorer areas enabling indiscriminate use of the internet. 
In my opinion, besides investing more money on the online advertising, it will be important to change the setting on the Alibaba website when it recognizes a smartphone so it is more user friendly and with less clutter than it is on the original website. Along with this, an Alibaba app should be much more advertised in order to provide faster access to the website.

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